Ulterior Motives


A reading for Friday, September 18, 2020: Acts 24:24-27.

"At the same time he hoped that money would be given him by Paul, and for that reason he used to send for him very often and converse with him."

At first we are encouraged by the fact that the Roman governor Felix is willing to listen to Paul preach the gospel. He brings his wife, Drusilla, who is also Jewish perhaps to help him understand. The writer of Acts tells us they talk about justice and self-control and even the coming judgment. These are all good things for a Roman governor to hear about as faithful practice.

But then we discover Felix has an ulterior motive. Paul was a wealthy man. He was able to travel all the time, with the best technology available in his age. He was a Roman citizen, a Greek trader, and a Jewish Rabbi. Felix thinks Paul might offer him a bribe to be released from prison, and that's the reason he was visiting Paul.

In the end, we learn that Felix is no longer the governor. We wonder if God used even his ulterior motives for something good. God can always meet us where we are, especially if it's not where we should be. Thanks be to God


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