Get Up!


A reading for Tuesday, September 8, 2020: Acts 22:6-16.

"I asked, ‘What am I to do, Lord?’ The Lord said to me, ‘Get up..."

"And now why do you delay? Get up..."

Perhaps, next to "Do Not Be Afraid" these are the most powerful words the disciples ever heard from Jesus. To the paralytic, and to the man by the pool at Bethsaida. To Lazarus in the tomb, Jesus said "Get up!" Today we hear these same words spoken to Paul in the moment of his conversion. Perhaps this is how we know it was Jesus.

Can we hear Jesus saying that to us today? No matter what ails us, or where we find the circumstances of our lives, "Get Up!" Are we disappointed at how things have turned out, "Get Up!" If we are successful and have convinced ourselves that we don't need faith in God through Christ, "Get Up!"

Look at how everything is new in each new day. Get Up! That's how we know it's Jesus. 

Thanks be to God. 


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