A reading for Thursday, June 25, 2020: Acts 10:44-48.

"While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit fell upon all who heard the word."

Lots of Christians, especially the mainline variety, are uncomfortable with the idea of evangelizing. We imagine knocking on the doors of strangers with a tract in our hand, expecting the person answering the door to slam it right back in our face. Because that is such a scary image, we are uncomfortable sharing our faith much at all.

What if we took the words in today's lesson to heart? It's the Holy Spirit that determines whether or not a person hears the good news. It's our job to be faithful, but results are God's business and not ours. Peter too, I imagine, was amazed at the presence of God in the Gentiles. Yet he was faithful to his calling and as they were baptized the church grew and God's grace increased.

You don't have to knock on doors or stand on the corner with a sign, thanks be to God. But I wonder who might benefit from knowing what you believe? What if the Spirit is doing something in them you can be part of? It might be the Spirit is doing something in us too. Thanks be to God!


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