Lifting Her Up


A reading for Friday, June 19, 2020: Acts 9:36-43.

"He gave her his hand and helped her up."

Tabitha was an asset to her community. She had skills as a seamstress and made clothing, which in the ancient world was a very valuable commodity. Her name in Greek also meant she was a trader with others outside her community, so we might say Tabitha Dorcas was an asset to the world.

So when she died, there was great grief and loss. Peter saw the women in her room showing how much they loved her and missed her. She was important to them... But we might also remember that no matter what her skills, she was loved and important to God.

So Peter raised her. He lifted her up, physically and spiritually. He showed how important she was not only to those that loved her and to the world, but even more to God. In the ancient world, it was no small thing that she was also a woman.

God cares about each of us. No matter the contribution we make to our community or our world, God still cares. The good news is that we are saved by Jesus in the same way as Tabitha Dorcas. Thanks be to God!


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