Two Choices

A reading for Wednesday, April 15, 2020: Matthew 28:1-16.

You have two choices... you can believe God is close by and has something amazing, even miraculous in mind for you. You could also come to the conclusion that God is distant and the forces of evil and domination have power over your life.

At the end of Matthew's gospel, we see both. The disciples come to the conclusion that God raised Jesus from the dead and the appearance of Jesus in their lives confirms their trust in God. Others, like the chief priests and elders make a plan to tell a different story. Many retell this story in spite of what God was doing.

The question is, for today, what are you going to place your trust in. God or something else? Do you believe God is close? Do you trust in God to offer something amazing in your life? Or will you believe in other forms of power that cannot possibly do what God can do. You have two choices.


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