A Time For Every Season... Sabbath!

A reading for Thursday, June 1, 2017: Ecclesiastes 3:1-14.

I don't think I ever say it, but I am so very grateful for all of you who read this daily devotion blog each day, or even occasionally. As many of you know, it's part of my daily devotional time to write a few brief thoughts of reflection connected to a particular scripture. It's a joy of mine each morning to start my day in such a way...

That being said, I realize that sabbath is also important in all things. I have written almost 750 of these daily devotions over the last 5 years. That seems like an impossible number to me. That just can't be true, but that is the number.

So I am going to take a rest for the months of June and July 2017. I was walking this early this morning and doing my devotion in a different way, and it occurred to me that perhaps others of you might be encouraged to change things up a bit over the summer too. So take some sabbath time and practice faith and love others along the way. I'll be back in August and look forward to some more reflections. Again thanks for reading them as part of your faith journey.

I'm around in the Nashville area this summer, so if you would like to get together give me a shout. If not, then see you on the other side...

Peace to this House!


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