Spirit of God Stories

A reading for Monday, May 15, 2017: Acts 13:1-12.

One suggestion I have for faith and life is to try and see the world in Spirit of God stories... there are the stories of scripture and there are our stories.

In both cases, whether or not we are reading the Bible or reflecting on our own life and adventures with Christ Jesus, we might ask Spirit of God question: Where is God in this? Where is justice? Where is peace? Where is hope and love and mercy?

I believe this is the most inspiring way to live. The answer to these questions is one way to see that Jesus Christ lives and interacts with us in our coming and going, in our relationships with others, in the eyes of a stranger. It's a way to view the Spirit of God continually in our midst.

The stories of scripture sometimes seem strange to our post-modern ears. However, when we start asking Spirit of God questions of our own stories then perhaps the strangeness of the Bible won't surprise us.

We will know that the same Spirit of God from scripture is with us even now.


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