Peace be with you!

A reading for Monday, April 24, 2017: Luke 24:36-39.

They are the words we long to hear from Jesus. Just four words, but filled with a lifetime of both compassion and power... the lifetime of Jesus. He says, "Peace be with you!"

Jesus appears to the disciples in the flesh. "Touch me and see," he says. Know that it is me. I have risen just as I said. From now on, you will know I am with you whether or not you can see me with your eyes. It's the culminating moment of Luke's gospel. This is the destination of the travel narrative. From this point on, Jesus will accompany us everywhere.

What blessing would be appropriate for such a moment? How would Jesus greet these that have so faithfully (and sometimes not so faithfully) attended to him? He appears and says, "Peace be with you!"

Lord Jesus, in all our comings and going today. From the moment we wake until we sleep again, may we hear your life giving words of compassion and power. Can you say to us this day, "Peace be with you!"


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