Many Places At Once!

A reading for Tuesday, April 25, 2017: Luke 24:50-56.

Our children at HPC participate in "Godly Play," which is a Christian worship and education program that uses play as the means to connect children with God. Each week the children sit in a circle and an adult demonstrates a story from the Bible, inviting all the children to wonder with them about what the story means for them and for the world.

At the end of the session, and after each child has had an opportunity to interact with other stories, the adult leader brings the group back together around a central candle that has been the focus of the circle. He says, "I am going to change the Light now. Look, the light is all in one place. I’m going to change the Light so it is not just in one place any more. It can be in many places at once. Watch." The candle is extinguished, changed into smoke that arises and moves around the room.

Jesus led his disciples out to Bethany. He blessed them and then ascended into heaven. The light that was in just one place, in Jerusalem and Bethany, would now be in all places in heaven and on earth. The love of Jesus and hope of the gospel continues to arise and move around all of creation even now. The disciples filled with joy at the wonder of what they had experienced with the risen Christ, returned to the city of Jerusalem and continued to worship God with great joy.

We say with them... Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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