You Are Cordially Invited

A reading for Friday, March 17, 2017: Luke 14:15-24.

If you were invited to have dinner with the Queen of England, or the Pope, would you go? What about Adele, or LeBron James? Pick a famous and popular person... Would you drop everything and change your schedule just to have dinner with them?

Jesus told a parable about a man who invited people to dinner. It was a great banquet with A-list invitations. But those that were invited did not come. They all had other things to do, what they believed to be more important things. So the man invited the poor and the lame, the other than A-listers to come and there was still room for more. Those that were invited first missed out, because they failed to respond to the invitation.

Fact is, we are all still invited to the banquet that is called the Kingdom of God. Each and every day, in fact every moment, Jesus invites us to join him in relationship. We can eat dinner, go out, stay home, or even go to work or play with Jesus. He is always there, ready to talk with us and to hear us. Each of us is cordially invited to join Jesus in the ordinary, everyday of our lives.

If we would clear our calendars to meet the famous and popular person in today's culture then why do we not answer the invitation from the greatest man who has ever lived? If God himself invited you to a banquet as a guest of honor, would you go? Truth is you are cordially invited... What say you?

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By the way... 1700 years ago, Patrick of Ireland answered the call to join with Jesus in the banquet. He was a missionary, a preacher and a teacher to the very island that had enslaved him. St. Patrick's day is more than just a day to party and to wear green. It's also a celebration of a man's life devoted to God. He answered the invitation with... Yes!


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