To Such As These

A reading for Friday, March 31, 2017: Luke 18:15-17.

In my tradition, Presbyterianism, we baptize infants. We do this believing that it communicates a fundamental truth about God and faith in Jesus Christ. That truth is that God claims us as his own before we can know or understand what is happening for us. It is also the truth that faith is discovered in community, in which others (parents in this case and/or other members of a congregation) make promises on behalf of the infant. Perhaps today's scripture in which Jesus bids the little children to come, would be the relevant scripture for infant baptism.

On Tuesday of this week, our church completed the circle with two young men. These that were claimed by God as infants have grown up raised in the faith. They have gone to Sunday school and worship, and youth group. Their parents and other adults from the church have encouraged them, and cheered for them, and loved them into faith. It's a pretty amazing thing! It's not the same as in every Christian tradition, but in ours it is truly a moment worth celebrating. Look at what God has done!

In a world in which it seems faith is diminishing, it is a blessing for all of us when the young feel the touch of Christ and answer with devotion and hope, "...for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." Congratulations Noah and Will. Thanks be to God!


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