Fallen and Saved

A reading for Monday, February 20, 2107: Malachi 4:4-6.

The Hebrew people feared the day of judgment, a day when the world would be set on fire and purified. It was to be a dark day, when anything and everything not perfectly righteous was to be refined away. In the end of days, God chooses good over evil. So how did the prophet Malachi instruct the people to survive?

His answer was the law and prophets. The law given by Moses, and Elijah the great prophet who would return just prior to judgment with a word of salvation. Each year the Passover meal is still celebrated leaving an empty seat for Elijah, just in case he were to return in preparation for the day. Elijah would turn them back to God, so that they might be saved.

What about us? How might we survive a day of judgment? It's still pretty scary when we take account of how far we are still off the mark when it comes to the law and the prophets. How might we be saved? Are we waiting for Elijah?

The gospel tells us that Jesus came as fulfillment of the law and the prophets. Jesus offers forgiveness to the people of God. We have nothing to fear of judgment because of Christ is the one who vouches for us and shelter us. It is Jesus who took on our sin and paid the cost of judgement. Jesus is the one God approves as righteous and because Jesus welcomes us, we are saved. It's really the same answer given by Malachi, fulfillment incarnated in the person of Jesus.

When we realize how far we have fallen short, Jesus is there to welcome us into the presence of God. That's really good news for all who know we have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. In the end of days, God still chooses good over evil. Jesus Christ is God's intention for good. In Jesus Christ we are saved!


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