Human Need And Dwarves

A reading for Friday, January 20, 2017: Luke 4:38-41.

Our greatest human need is to be useful and to serve. It's not to be wealthy or powerful or beautiful or famous. These are the things that most of us desire, but they are not necessary for life. However, serving and having purpose for one's life is an often overlooked human need.

When Jesus heals Simon's mother-in-law, and she is restored to life, she begins to serve. Thus we know the power of Jesus to grant full and whole lives. When Jesus heals and transforms our lives we too are restored to usefulness and are again able to serve with purpose.

In JRR Tolkein's book "The Hobbit," when each of the dwarves find their way to Bilbo Baggins' front door at the start of their adventure each of them says the very same thing. "NAME, at your service." It seems even dwarves know that serving is part of their identity.

It's not something we talk about very often, but every human being (and apparently dwarves too) desperately wants to be useful... each of us wants to serve!


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