God's Promise for a New Year

A reading for Tuesday, January 3, 2017: Genesis 17:19-24.

Abraham would spend a year living in the tension of God's promise. God said Sara would bear a son, and more than that Isaac would bring with him a covenant to Abraham's house that would not end. But Isaac would not be born for a year...

So what would Abraham do now? What happens in the waiting? Abraham decided to act with faith and to obey God's commandments. He decided to believe that something that seems impossible was possible. Abraham decided to trust in God!

What do you believe God's promises are for you in 2017? Have you asked? Have you prayed? Why would God not have promises for you too as a child of the covenant?

Every new year brings with it a tension. We live hoping and praying that something new might be possible. We too live in a tension of promises yet unfulfilled. For now, act with faith and believe in God's commandments. Trust God. Seek God's promises for your life, and your family, and your church, and your neighborhood, and our world.

The alternative is hopelessness, and nothing happens. There is no tension which might seem easier, but it's also not the ending we want. God has promises for each of us this new year.

Happy New Year!


  1. I love the story of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was of great faith. But in the story of Abraham and Sarah we found out that Abraham & Sarah ( who had strong Faith, but also like many of us, took matters into their own hands), went against God's promise and decided to have a child by Sarah's handmaiden Hagar. And then the trouble began! Although, God fulfill his promise to Abraham and Sarah and gave them Isaac. We that walk in faith,at times we stumble and then we must crawl out and pull ourselves up to acknowledge we can't do it our way we must obey God. This story has always been a wonderful lesson of the temptations that surround us. May we all take that leap in Faith & wait upon the Lord. God bless.


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