A reading for Monday, December 12, 2016: Leviticus 25:8-12.

At this most wonderful time of the year, and busiest time for many, it's important to remember and set priority for one very important thing. Rest!

Rest is not lazy. It is not weak or contrary to your goals. We should not feel guilty when we rest, and certainly not criticize others when they rest. We live in a culture and at a time in history in which rest has no intrinsic value. Nobody wants to rest...

That's exactly why we need to rest. Because it has no value. Rest is resistance to all the voices in the world that tell us we are on our own and it's all up to us. Rest is a protest in the face of all who believe they will fall behind if they rest.

The truth is our success and ability to care for ourselves is not all on us. We are not alone. God has promised to watch over us and provide for us, even when we rest. Especially when we rest. Sabbath is a weekly gift and as our scripture lesson today proclaims, there are even seasons of rest. Jubilee was the fifty year season of rest, when no planting or harvest was done. The people lived on what grew wild as a reminder that God can provide for them.

Advent is the season of reflection and renewal. You are not only as good as your ability to perform. Take some time and rest, even in this most crazy time of year.


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