Impossible Is Possible

A reading for Wednesday, November 16, 2016: Isaiah 38:1-8.

If we believe that change can't happen and nothing different is possible, then we do not believe in the ancient God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...

Again and again throughout the story of scripture, and even the story of our lives, God demonstrates that the impossible is possible. God shows up in the least likely of places. God works through the very people we don't expect. God transforms the world in ways we just didn't see coming. In today's lesson from scripture, Isaiah's prophecy to Hezekiah changes and he lives when he was to die.

When we want things to change for us and for our world, we already know to whom to take those prayers. Like Hezekiah, pray fervently and even weep over the situation we find ourselves in...

But know it is God who can change things for us. It is God who makes the impossible possible!


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