A "Fishion" Story!

A reading for Monday, November 7, 2016: Jonah 1.

There is no end to the lengths God will go in order to accomplish God's mission...

Jonah ran from God. He fled to Tarshish, a city on the borders of the known world. Knowing the power and the brutality of the Assyrian empire, with its capital city of Ninevah, Jonah wanted no part of God's mission there. A ship, a storm, Jonah's asleep, superstitious sailors that seem converted to believe in the Lord, a heave overboard, and a swallowing big fish later and the mission of God continues.

If our God is determined to do something, there is nothing to stop the mission. The God who created us, watched us fall from grace and obedience. That same God sent Jesus to save us, and continues to send us in Jesus name to restore and reconcile the world.

The story happens in many, many different ways but in the end it's the same God who it seems will not give up on God's mission.


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