You've Got A Friend!

A reading for Monday, October 24, 2016: 2 Samuel 12:1-13.

Perhaps our greatest need is for a friend who can hold a mirror up to our eyes and show us our sin...

Nathan was such a man for King David. At great personal risk to his own life and success in the King's court, Nathan was willing to tell David that he had sinned against God. Nathan was clever in telling David a story that kindled his anger, forcing him to see his sin from another perspective. However, make no mistake about it, telling the King he is wrong and condemned by God is dangerous for anyone.

Fortunately for us it's not dangerous. However it is just as uncomfortable to tell a friend or someone we love that they have done wrong. We risk losing their friendship or alienating them. It's easier to go along in order to get along. But the truth is, we are not really acting in someone's best interest if we look the other way. We are not demonstrating our love for someone to enable them to continue to sin against God and others.

I hope and pray you have someone in your life, your spouse, a coworker, a sister or brother, who will hold you accountable and call you out when you fail. It's the first step to restoring your life to the wholeness that only God can provide.

"David said to Nathan, 'I have sinned against the Lord.' Nathan said to David, 'Now the Lord has put away your sin; you shall not die." 


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