Gospel and Commandment

A reading for Tuesday, September 13, 2016: Genesis 6:9-22.

Noah and his family would be protected and delivered from the flood. The earth was corrupt and God chose to deal with the evil. Judgment would come, but Noah's house would be spared.

Part of that good news, the gospel, included the commandment to build an ark. There were careful instructions on how to build, what specifications would be required. The relationship Noah enjoyed with God obligated him to listen to God's instructions.

This is how our lives work too. There is gospel and there is commandment. The blessings of God are for us, and the commandments of God are too. If we think we can have blessings without instructions, we have missed what it means to be in relationship with God.

As we read stories in scripture about people in relationship with God, notice how often the commandments are ignored in spite of the blessings. It's a lesson God's people have to learn again and again. How about us?


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