Blessing or Curse?

A reading for Monday, September 12, 2016: Genesis 3:9-19.

Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian lyricist and author wrote that “every blessing that is ignored becomes a curse.” Adam and Eve wanted to be like God. They listened to the snake. They disobeyed God ignoring the blessing that enabled them to live in the garden with God in paradise. Their blessing became their curse.

Each day we are granted blessings by God. The rise of the sun, food to eat, love from family and friends. We choose how we will know these blessings. We can either embrace them, giving thanks to God for good. Or... we can ignore that these blessings came from God and "toil all the days of our lives" as Adam was cursed.

Each day is a choice. Blessings or curse? Most of us don't use language like that very often. Perhaps the point is simply to recognize where goodness comes from in each of our lives. In that is paradise!

Thank you God for the many blessings you have provided...


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