Hungry in the Wilderness?

A reading for Thursday, May 5, 2016: John 6:1-14.

The Feeding of the Five Thousand is about dependence on God, pure and simple. The crowd following Jesus was hungry and because they were in the wilderness they were also without any means to care for themselves. Seeing such a need, God cared for them in providing enough to eat for all of them. The abundance of God's provision even created leftovers.

There are men and women even today who continue to depend on God in the same way. They look to God for the way forward, believing even beyond reason that God continues to operate in the world caring for those that trust in him. These are the people of God, depending on the gifts of God.

There are others who operate by their will, making their own way as rugged individualists. Even when they find themselves in need, they trust in their intellect, in their due diligence, and in their own power to make a way forward believing no help is coming.

Which group will we throw our fortune in with? Will we depend on God? Or will we believe we are on our own even in the wilderness when we are hungry?


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