Healing Is Two Parts

A reading for Wednesday, May 11, 2016: Luke 8:26-39.

The point of being healed by God is two parts:

The first is simply to be released from the bondage of a disease or an addiction. It is to repair a relationship or restore something lost among the people of God. God wants all of creation to live a life of wholeness and peace. Healing enables that transformation. That healing comes from God out of God's love and compassion. There is no agenda other than God's hope for our lives, and the community and world in which we dwell. God is actively healing right now.

The second part is the witness to God's amazing love and power. The so-called demoniac in our lesson today wanted to return to Galilee with Jesus and the others after being healed. But Jesus had another idea. Jesus sent the man back to his community with the news of his healing. "So he went away, proclaiming throughout the city how much Jesus had done for him." So that others can know about God's love and compassion, the man was to serve as a witness. The second part is to identify and name the ways God is working in us and in our community for the good of all.

Truth is, healing is happening everyday all around us if we pay attention. How we respond to that healing is almost as important as how God has responded to us in offering us healing.


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