There They Will See Me

A reading for Monday, April 4, 2016: Matthew 28:1-10.

Galilee is a typical place. It's mostly rocky terrain, with hills and valleys. Rainfall is significantly more than average compared to other parts of the world. The combination of moderate temperatures and high rainfall makes flora and wildlife thrive. There are species of birds that migrate from Africa to winter in the region, and there are junipers and cedar species that aren't found anywhere else in the world. The mountains and flowing streams create vast fields of green and wildflowers grow abundantly all across the valleys. There are towns and villages that dot the landscape with average ordinary homes and farms. It's a typical and yet beautiful place...

It's also the place where Jesus tells the women he would meet the disciples. Not in a palace or on a military outpost. Jesus would not be limited to a high mountain, or only appear on some strange island in the Mediterranean as if a reclusive hermit. The Risen Jesus was coming to Galilee, the typical place where they lived and where they were from. Amidst the houses, and the barns, there is Jesus. Jesus would be in the marketplace and down on the farm. He was coming to the backrooms and to the front rooms in a typical place like Galilee...

That's where Jesus still is. Look out your window right now. Jesus said, "There they will see me!" Then turn around and look inside your home. Jesus said, "There they will see me!" Everywhere and anywhere... Thanks be to God.


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