A reading for Wednesday, April 13, 2016: Acts 4:32-27.

The Kingdom of God is a strange, foreign kingdom when compared with the way the rest of the world works...

The Kingdom of God calls us to mutuality and common good. The Kingdom insists that all people are worthy and are deserving of basic care and compassion. The Kingdom of God encourages us by the acts of sharing and kindness to each other. The Kingdom of God is based on love.

The Kingdom of God is not evident to all people and all nations. The Kingdom of God is dependent first on the activity of God in the world, and then second on the witness of men and women willing to live into the values of the Kingdom of God. How will the world know the Kingdom of God if they can't see it demonstrated?

Some of the most beautiful verses of scripture come at the end of Acts, chapter 4. This is what the Kingdom of God on earth looked like in the first century among the earliest apostles of Jesus.

Let's imagine together, and work together to see what it might look like now...


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