Tell Someone!

A reading for Monday, March 21, 2016: Zechariah 9:9.

Palm Sunday. Suddenly, finally, and unexpectedly even Jesus allowed himself to be placed on a donkey fulfilling the ancient prophecy of Zechariah about the coming Messiah. Only kings entered a city in such a way. Up to that point, Jesus constantly told his disciples not to tell anyone about him and his ministry among them. Then all of a sudden, Jesus is revealed to the world!

Perhaps you too have kept Jesus a secret in your life. You follow and you believe. You wish others knew your most important commitment in life. Jesus is Lord. Now is the time. Tell someone!

There are people in your life who long to know the good news of God. They want to believe. They want to be committed to something larger than themselves. They need Jesus too. Maybe it's as simple as sharing what you will do this week in celebrating Holy Week, and why...


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