No Excuse

A reading for Tuesday, March 8, 2016: Matthew 25:14-30.

Fear is not an excuse for failing to live the life God intends for us. The man given one talent was afraid of failing and disappointing the master, as well as himself. So he hoarded his gift. Kept it hidden and safe. It was the fear of losing what he had been given that kept him from sharing it.

But gifts are meant to be shared, boldly and without regard to their security. If the master has given the gift, then surely the master knows the risks and the reward. The master knew the potential for failure, but also knew what was possible when the gift was shared. The others saw their gifts multiply, while the one in fear did not.

Life too is a gift. We can spend all our time in fear of losing the lives we have been given. Or... we can share our lives boldly and without regard to security. Not foolishly or carelessly, but faithfully believing God is with us. Surely God is the grantor of life and God knows the risks of sharing our lives with others. God also knows what's possible when we share the lives we have been given with others.  "To love our neighbors as we love ourselves..." Jesus certainly risked losing everything, including his own life, but gained everything for all of us in the end.

Fear is an ever present limit to our willingness to share our lives with others. Yet, it's also no excuse not to.


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