Lost In The Details

A reading for Monday, February 1, 2016: Matthew 12:1-8.

Sometimes we miss the larger point in order to focus more heavily on the details...

The sabbath was created as a way to honor God. It was part of the decalogue, the Ten Commandments, as a way to demonstrate that God was and is the highest priority as God's people. But the sabbath itself was not the point. The point was honoring God.

Jesus reminded the priests of the examples of when it was not only lawful but appropriate to break the sabbath laws, in order to serve a larger purpose and honor God. It would not honor God for David who was on the run in the name of serving God to go hungry. Sometimes it made sense for the priests to eat bread on the sabbath as they served God. Even his disciples needed to be fed in order to keep the mission of God going, even though the sabbath would have prevented it.

The point is not to go to church regularly so others can see how good and committed we are. The point is not to wear a cross around our neck, to use Christian language, or even to pray in school. All those things are good details that can honor God, but that also sometimes miss the larger point.

The point is how we live our lives in a way that honors God as the highest priority. So that others might see how we live and know who we live for. Jesus said, "I desire mercy and not sacrifice..." Thanks be to God that Jesus Christ is Lord of the sabbath.


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