The Christian Formula

A reading for Tuesday, January 12, 2016: Matthew 4:23-25.

We should guard against being too formulaic in living out faith. However, the gospels present the mission of Jesus clearly. It was to teach, to preach, and to heal. Jesus came doing each of these in service to the Kingdom of Heaven. So all the world would know God loved them and wanted to be in relationships with all people. This is the formula, if there is one, to our Christian faith.

So we are created and called to do the same. We teach the faith to others, from one generation to another. We preach about the good news and how that love of God can transform human culture and human lives. Finally, we heal the brokenness of our world. That brokenness is sickness and disease, but it is also poverty and violence. If there is a formula, this is the Christian faith even for us.

So today, as you go out into the world with Christ in front and behind, to the left and to the right... teach someone something they don't know about your life following Jesus, proclaim a truth that the Kingdom of Heaven has made real, and make an effort to heal someone or something in the name of Christ.

And the "fame" of Jesus Christ "amidst great crowds" will continue to "spread" far and wide!


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