Don't Tell Anyone!

A reading for Friday, January 29, 2016: Mark 7:31-36.

It's not by mistake that Mark finally tells us today why Jesus is warning his followers not to tell people. The best way to get someone to share something is to warn them that's it's a secret. "I won't tell anybody, and even if I do I'll tell them not to tell anybody." Sound familiar?

In the lesson today, even the deaf and the mute are blessed by Jesus. Even the mute both hear the good news and also proclaim the favor of the Lord as it comes through Jesus. If the deaf and the mute can do it, how about you?

Who will you share the good news of Jesus with today? Not to convert or to control, but simple to lift a burden or call out a blessing. Life is good and we are free. The favor of the Lord is upon us. Tell someone, and when you do tell them to tell others.


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