Be Like Levi!

A reading for Monday, January 11, 2016: Luke 5:27-31.

Look at the times when Jesus called someone that nobody expected. The times when he healed the reprobate, the outcast and the sinner. Observe how the sinner reacts to the good news of salvation...

Levi, the tax collector and perhaps most hated citizen in Capernaum, follows Jesus in an instant. Even in the gospel of Luke (not noted for it's immediacy like Mark), the story reports that Levi follows Jesus at once leaving everything behind.

Levi immediately hosts a banquet for Jesus. He doesn't try his discipleship out slowly, getting to know Jesus first before taking a risk. He doesn't keep it to himself. Levi isn't interested in keeping things on the down low. He invites everyone he knows for a banquet to celebrate the one who came and called him back to the whole life he always wanted.

I wonder if there are lessons for us to learn? Where is our enthusiasm for salvation? Are we excited enough about Jesus to leave everything behind? Are we committed enough to take a risk? Do others know our story? Do we know our "real" story?

Sometimes those coming out of the pain and suffering of sinful lives are more aware of the wonderful gift they have been given than those of us that have lived lives that are smooth and unchallenged.

I wonder if we should be more like Levi?


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