How Easy We Forget

A reading for Wednesday, December 2, 2015: Daniel 3.

Wasn't it just yesterday that Nebuchadnezzar worshipped the God of Daniel. Having been convicted by Daniel's interpretation of his dream, the king had proclaimed the mighty power of God and had ordered that all the kingdom would worship God.

But how easy he forgets? In today's lesson, just one chapter later old King "Nebby" is back at it again, creating a statue of gold and insisting that the whole kingdom worship it. When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refuse to worship they are thrown into the furnace of fire as punishment. What happened? How did the king change his mind and his faith in God so fast?

Perhaps when you are the king it's hard to imagine worshipping anything but yourself and your own power to control others? Without a significant change in his way of life, the defaults of "kingship" quickly took over. The only way "Nebby" knows to live is to command others and punish them when they don't comply.

What are the defaults in our lives? Even though we are not king, there are certain ways we do things that if unexamined by faith could endanger our faith too. The season of Advent brings a time of reflection and self-examination.

If I am new to the Christian faith, what are my old habits that might cause me to stumble? If I am an "old disciple," have I fallen back into old habits of apathy or rationalizing? It might have just been yesterday that we felt convicted by faith and on the straight and narrow path, but how easy we too forget.

The good news is God is still God. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were protected in the fire by God, against all King Nebuchadnezzar could do. God watches over us too in this season and every season of faith. Even if we forget, God never does.


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