God is Enough!

A reading for Monday, November 30, 2015: Daniel 1.

On "Cyber-Monday," following a weekend that is now called "Black Friday," perhaps it is hard to read a story in which less is more with any credibility. Yet, that seems to be the point of this lesson from Daniel.

Those that were to be educated for the King's court were to be given the best of everything. The best teachers, the best place to rest, and of course the best food. The King gave order for them to eat literally from the King's table. Daniel, who comes to be called Belteshezzar, rejects such opulence fearing it might defile those who wish to remain true to God.

So the challenge is whether God can sustain life just as well as wealth and power can do it? Is God enough, or not?

In the end, Daniel proves that the best life we can imagine is found through faithfulness. In this case less wealth is more God. Less opulence is more faithfulness. Less independence is more dependence.

The faithful life with God is enough!


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