Are You Receiving Too?

A reading for Friday, October 16, 2015: John 12:1-8.

Hospitality is often something we wish we could always control rather than something we have to receive. It's a funny thing that Christians have come to believe they are the ones that always must offer hospitality and kindness to others, in the name of Jesus Christ.

However, in this story it is Christ receiving hospitality of both the meal and the perfume anointing his feet. Those offering the hospitality are the object of Jesus' ministry in this story. They are being taught, and led. They are the ones receiving the blessing of his presence among them, even as they are offering kindness and generosity.

If Jesus is with us as we are his disciples, then could we also not imagine that there are times when we might want to simply receive the hospitality of another. To be invited to a meal, or to be blessed by the kindness and generosity of another. So that the presence of Jesus in our hearts might teach and lead others. So that the other is receiving the blessing of Jesus presence among us.

There are surely times when we are called to offer hospitality and kindness to another in the name of our Lord. But just as often we must be willing to give up our control, our power and our privilege to simply receive the hospitality of others. So that Jesus might be fully present for all.


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