Conversation About Calling

A reading for Monday, September 28, 2015: 1 Samuel 3:1-20.

A calling is a process of internal and external sensing of the presence of God. For Samuel, he first heard the sound of God calling his name. "Samuel!" The voice called him by name and Samuel heard God personally and in the quiet of his own heart.

But the calling was also confirmed by Eli. "Eli perceived that the Lord was calling the boy." Perhaps Samuel would never have known that God was calling his name if Eli had not confirmed what he already suspected. Eli played a very important role in the calling of Samuel.

It is the same for us... Our calling to serve God is both internal and external. Perhaps we might sense that God has something important for us to do, but need another to confirm it and to agree that it is God. Or, maybe another sees something in us that needs our attention and only that person can encourage us to search our own heart for an internal calling of the Lord.

The point is this, it is through relationship with another and dialogue about important things that our calling comes. Here's the question... How often do you talk to others about your calling and what God might have in store for your life?

All is takes is a cup of coffee and a little conversation. What is God calling you to do?


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