Nothing Else But The Last Days?

A reading for Monday, August 24, 2015: Mark 13:14-27.

Perhaps when nothing else will get our attention, Jesus portrait of the last days will? The day will come, says the Lord, when all will end and suffering will come for all. That day is the day when the world is judged, and all will be caught. It's our worst nightmare come true.

But thanks be to God, says Jesus, for through Christ and the grace offered to us, those days will not come for us. They will even be shortened for the world. God has spared the "elect," those who know the truth about God. They will be delivered from judgment through Jesus Christ. We will be saved.

Perhaps nothing else can move us to transformation. Nothing else Jesus has taught or said has an effect on some of us. Perhaps the last judgment will get our attention?

Thank you God for saving us!


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