Mountaintop Day!

A reading for Thursday, August 6, 2015: Mark 9:2-13.

On that day, Peter and James and John learned that something was happening. It was much larger and grander that they had imagined. It was something with historic and divine immensity. It was a new thing, and yet was part of ancient tradition. Nobody had ever seen anything like this before...

Sometimes we are convinced that it's all up to us. Our strength, our abilities, our wisdom, our love, our commitment... everything depends on us. It can be exhausting.

Then suddenly we find ourselves on the mountaintop, so to speak. In a moment we are reminded that God is with us, and God is acting. It doesn't all depend on us. We are part of a much larger story, and our story is God's story. Those days are wonderful days. Those days are the days that make life worth living. Imagine how hard it must have been for Peter and James and John not to be able to tell anyone about that mountaintop day.

If you are exhausted, and beaten, and continue to believe it's all on you, then I hope today is a God day. I hope God rips into your world and shows up in a profound way. I pray God speaks a mighty word to you. You likely won't be on a mountaintop today, but may today be a mountaintop day.

You can even tell anybody you want!


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