For Those in Positions

A reading for Wednesday, August 19, 2015: Mark 12:13-27.

Part of daily prayer is often to pray for "those in positions of authority over others..." Yet, praying for such authorities does not mean that we do not challenge them.

In the lesson today, Jesus is being challenged by the authorities of his age. All three, the Pharisees, the Herodians, and the Sadducees each have their base of power and their authority. The Pharisees are the keepers of the law, the Herodians are the royal class, and the Sadducees are the Temple priests. All the branches of government for Jews in the ancient world are represented.

Yet notice that Jesus is not intimidated or drawn into their power struggles. He senses their hypocrisy in questioning, the traps they set and the games they play. Jesus is able to rise above all the power of his age and challenge them with an authority beyond anything they possess.

Even today the games and traps of the powerful continue. Our age is filled with hypocrisy and power trips. Thanks be to God we have a savior who is more powerful than anything the world has ever known. Jesus Christ is not intimidated by the powerful. He rises above the power of our age and challenges them (through us) with an authority that is beyond anything the world knows.


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