Do You?

A reading for Monday, August 3, 2015: Mark 8:11-21.

Jesus said to his disciples, "Do you not yet understand?" Do you?

God is abundant in mercy and the giver of everything that is good and useful for God's purposes. There is no scarcity in God's economy. There is no need to argue over the crumbs on the table when there is enough bread to satisfy everyone and everything.

Some ask for a sign from above, to prove that God is with us. But no sign is given since God has already provided all we need in abundance, enough to know God's present not just with us but with all the world. A sign is a mystery, only known by a few, but the abundance of God is to be known by all.

Today as you go about your life, imagine if even for a moment that God has already given everything you need in abundance. Beware of those who live with a mindset of scarcity, those that argue that there is only enough for them and not for all. God has shown us a more excellent way...


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