Wait For It

A reading for Monday, July 6, 2015: Luke 23:44-56a.

It can seem overwhelming to go against the crowd. To stand for something without backing down when everyone around you is on the other side. Going against the crowd can even get you killed... Jesus was killed for many reasons, but certainly was against the crowd.

The lesson today highlights how fickle such a crowd can be. First they demanded the death of Jesus of Nazareth, but almost immediately after it happened, they felt regret. “Certainly this man was innocent.” Really? The beat their breasts in grief. Whoops?

Yet, even now, God is faithful still. Even as Jesus dies, the story tells us of one righteous man. He even served on the council. Joseph of Arimathea, who has waited patiently for his turn to do what's right. To take his place against the crowd. To claim the body of the Lord and to protect the dignity of Jesus. One simple act against the crowd... just like Jesus.

Most of us will get our turn to stand against the crowd at some point. We will wonder if backing down is the right move, especially depending on how hight the stakes are. It might be one simple act. Wait for it. What will you do?


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