The Mob vs. The Social Network

A reading for Thursday, July 2, 2015: Luke 23:13-25.

The mob isn't fair. The mob isn't reasonable. The mob demands its own way, and will not be deterred by anything or anyone once it decides what it wants. Hate is the motivation of the mob, and rarely is diversity to be found in a mob. Everybody agrees and that's what makes it a mob. The mob wants revenge!

The alternative to the mob is the social network. The social network is a community that shares common concerns. The social network doesn't know yet what way is best, but works to achieve a way through dialogue and interaction. Love motivates a social network, and often it is made up of lots of different people and different experiences. The social network wants reconciliation!

The mob killed Jesus. The social network carried his message of peace beyond the grave. By the way, Facebook is both the mob and the social network. Which one are you a part of?


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