Peace! Be still!

A reading for Wednesday, July 22, 2015: Mark 4:35-41.

In the ancient world, the sea was the representation of chaos. It was a place where things could get out of control quickly, and often did. Many people had a deep fear of the sea, and the disciples were no different.

Jesus said, "Let's go across to the other side!" It's an invitation to the disciples to enter the chaos of what scares them to death. Then imagine their worst fears are realized and they wake up Jesus in a panic of dread and regret. “Peace! Be still!” says Jesus.

It's no different for us. Truth is there is no place on earth, no situation, no illness, no relationship, no setback, no fear that Jesus cannot declare the same for our lives and our community. Jesus is Lord of all! “Peace! Be still!”

This is the Lord that even chaos must obey. Thank you Jesus for saving us.


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