A reading for Wednesday, July 1, 2015: Luke 23:1-12.

There are so many lies in the story today, it's hard even to know which to pay attention to. The assembly lies to Pilate. Pilate lies to Jesus (he knows who the Jewish king is... look at verse 7). The Chief Priests lie to Pilate again. Herod lies to everybody including himself, and the Priests lie to Herod again. The only one who remains faithful to the truth in the story is Jesus, and he pays the ultimate price.

We live in a culture of lies too. It's hard to know which injustices to pay the most attention to. I could list the ones I know about, but it's better if you make your own list. Be honest with yourself at least, even if you don't want anybody else to know. Look around and call out the lies.

The one who remains faithful to the truth is Jesus, and the truth will set us free!


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