A reading for Tuesday, July 21, 2015: Mark 4:21-34.

The preacher said, the grace of God is foolishness to many. It's no secret, but remains hidden to those that trust in something other.

And yet, that Kingdom of God's grace is on the move even now. It is like the grass that grows, from the seed God provides everything needed to grow into maturity. The harvest comes even for those that have done nothing. Or like the weed, that starts from nothing and grows to be the largest bush in the garden. It's unstoppable. It's disruptive and even challenging. God's grace is moving.

There are other explanations for what is happening. Some would say crediting God's grace is folly; foolishness and superstition. But we know the true story of the world around us. God is on the move bringing all things to their intended end. It's foolishness to many, but to us it's the story of our lives.

Thank you Lord God, provider of grace, and sustainer of all!


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