Choose Gratitude!

A reading for Tuesday, July 14, 2015: Mark 2:1-12.

Why is it so tempting to be negative? Why is it easier not to trust than to trust? Complaining is our preference over gratitude?

The scribes saw the whole thing. They saw the crowds gathered, listening to Jesus teach. They saw the man lowered by his friends down through the hole in the roof. They saw Jesus proclaim that the man's sins were forgiven. The witnessed the incarnation of God right before their very eyes and yet they chose to be negative and to question the grace offered by Jesus...

If those that literally saw such things with their own eyes, and heard the power of God with their own ears disbelieve, then what chance do we have?

Truth is belief is a choice. It's always easier to disbelieve. It's always easier to be negative. Belief requires commitment and follow through. It requires that we focus on what is life giving and creative with God, rather than questioning and focusing on scarcity. Belief is hopeful. It is a gift.

Belief is based on God's grace, and our response is gratitude. Choose that. It's the better way.


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