About Miracles!

A reading for Tuesday, July 28, 2015: Mark 6:30-46.

There are two things we can say for certain about God's miracles:

One, they can happen anywhere. In deserted places, where the apostles find themselves in our lesson today, but just as much in crowded cities, or amidst families in search of hope and peace. There is no place on earth too far away for a miracle of God. No place where God cannot reach or won't intervene. All the earth, the heavens and the stars are places for God's miracles. So is our life and our family.

Second, miracles often come in ways we don't expect or even want. Another lesson from our story today in Mark. The apostles, those that knew Jesus the best, had no idea that Jesus would perform a miracle that day. They were busy about teaching and leading others towards the Kingdom of Heaven. When suddenly a need presents itself. The people are hungry and the hour is late. So God provides. A miracle of feeding so many with so little. Perhaps the apostles had been hoping to dismiss the crowd and to finally get away to that deserted place. God had something in mind they didn't really even want. Yet, they experienced a miracle of God in the feeding that day.

When we pray for a miracle, God provides. It might not seem like our life is the place where such things could happen, and it might not be the miracle we expected or even wanted, but if we examine what has happened to us we often discover again just how much God loves us and provides for us.

Thanks be to God for the miracles of God's grace!


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