Temptations of Leadership

A reading for Tuesday, June 30, 2015: Luke 22:63-71.

We condemn ourselves with words of hate and actions of violence against others. Those whose power was threatened by Jesus mocked him and beat him. They used their position of authority to put him on trial, though he did nothing to deserve it. They were trusted by the people of God, but used that trust to do harm.

Leadership is always a temptation as well as a blessing. It's the chance to do something good or the opportunity to carry out selfish evil. In our search for reconciliation and the peace of Christ in our churches and in our culture what we need most is leadership. Our world desperately needs faithful leadership.

We don't need those who mock Jesus, or search for ways to use faith towards their own agendas. We don't need closed circle thinking, you are in and your are out? We don't need the people whipped up into a frenzy or petitions and power struggles. We need good and faithful leadership.

Save us O God...


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