A reading for Wednesday, June 3, 2015: Luke 17:20-37.

There is a smug arrogance to the question of the Pharisees... When is the Kingdom of God coming? When do we get to enjoy all the benefits of being God's chosen people? There is an air of privilege and superiority.

Perhaps this is why Jesus answers in the way he does, with words of judgment. These are scary words, about the end of his days when the world would be judged as it deserves. And maybe the scariest thought of them all: do not assume that you know already who is faithful and who is not.

Throughout the history of God's people, often we too have elevated ourselves to positions of privilege and power, assuming that we have the answer when others do not. The church is often seen as smug and hypocritical and sometimes it's even true. Our language can betray us, peppered with all sorts of benevolence for those less than we are, or assuming that we are the provider or the powerful. We put ourselves in the position only God can hold, and deserve to be judged.

The good news is that just as the judgment of the Kingdom of God is among us, so too is salvation and resurrection. Our hope is to seek God, humbly and without arrogance. We pray that by working for liberation, honoring all as the created through prayer and faithful action, we too might enjoy the blessings of our merciful God. Along with all the others that seek the same.


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