A reading for Monday, June 29, 2015: Luke 22:52-62.

To be "humbled," according to the dictionary, is to lower in condition, importance, or dignity; to destroy the independence, power, or will of; or to make meek. In today's lesson, clearly Peter is humbled. When Jesus is arrested, Peter follows after as we might expect, but then denies even that he knows Jesus. We remember that even as Peter was proclaiming that Jesus was Messiah and declaring his own faithfulness, Jesus had predicted this moment.

Perhaps it's not as bad as it seems for Peter. As he weeps bitterly at the end of the lesson, he comes to know once again from where his salvation comes. It is not from his own faithfulness or goodness. Salvation comes only from the faithfulness of God and Christ. Not even Peter, who was called "The Rock" by Jesus is good enough.

We too would do well to be humbled early and often. We live in a culture of self-esteem and independence. Never let anybody see you sweat, or perceive your weaknesses is the mantra. Notice how often people apologize or show any sort of weakness on social media. Facebook and the like is the place where we show how good we are, how strong, and what a good life we live. But it's not true... Is it?

To be humbled is to be reminded of how much we need Jesus Christ. Save us O God. We are lost without your love and faithfulness to us.


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