Dwelling At The Table

A reading for Wednesday, June 24, 2015: Luke 22:14-23.

The heavenly banquet has started and won't end until Jesus returns to once again drink of the fruit of the vine when the kingdom of God comes. Our time continues as those that dwell around the table in the midst of such a banquet. There are a couple of things we might notice:

First, we have our place at the table. Nobody can take that place from us. We aren't still waiting in the drawing room for the banquet to begin, hoping we have a seat. From behind our place card we can look to the other end and see the head of the banquet, Jesus who is still with us. Our participation in this meal is only possible because Jesus has invited us and sacrificed so that we could have a place at his table. The meal has already started and we are at the table.

Second, as we sit together with all the others we notice that we are yet to be totally transformed. There is still evil among us and in us, just as the first disciples wondered who it might be that would betray the Lord. We are not people of privilege at this banquet, while others are less than us. This meal is family style and all are equally passing around the portions of goodness and the portions of sin. So we continue to dwell at the table with all others together eagerly awaiting the completion of the banquet, as together we enjoy it's promise of good things to come.

For the head of the banquet has promised that by the end of this banquet, all would be made right. When this meal is complete, we will push back from the table and step out into the night to fully enjoy the presence of God like we have never done before. As Genesis promises, we will walk together with God in the garden at the cool of the evening. That's the hope we enjoy. We are able to laugh and talk with the others, and even to reflect on all the ways the banquet still must change us, because we know that in the end the doors will open to that garden and all will be well.

So enjoy the banquet, the simplicity of our common meal, giving thanks to the one that has invited us. We don't know when it will end, and Jesus will bring us again to our feet, but we are grateful that we continue to dwell at his table.


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