We go...

A reading for Tuesday, May 19, 2015: Luke 10:1-17.

Are we being sent? How can we go? As lambs sent into the midst of wolves?

We are not sent out under our own power, or even with our own authority. Luke 10 reminds us that we go without even the basic provisions (no purse, no bag, no sandals), in total dependence on the hospitality of others and the goodwill of those that will receive us.

But more than that, we go in dependence of God and the ultimately the mission of God that is before us. If we are successful, or even faithful, it is not because of what we have done but what Christ is doing through us. We act as our best selves as we go in service to God, disciples of Jesus proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore, if we are rejected it is a rejection of the mission of God. It is a denial of the Kingdom of God and is then subject to judgment. The mission of those that are sent does not depend on our faithfulness, or our good work, or even our service. We are called to be faithful no doubt, but the overall success of the mission of God is completely and totally dependent on the faithfulness of God.

So we go... knowing all the while that God is at work in us and through us and for the benefit of the world around us. We go with the confidence of the children of God. We go as those under authority of the one who sent us. We go... In Jesus name!


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